CP has seen fundamental change in the past 5 years. This change was necessary to restore the health of the company but it has not come easy and while we got a lot of things right, we did not get it all right. We have now put CP back on solid ground and laid a foundation for growth, and people are an integral part of that opportunity.

In my first 100 days as CEO, I met with more than 1,500 employees during town hall meetings at our major operations centres of Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, St. Paul and Chicago – with more locations to come. I have shared my vision for CP’s future and heard directly from the front lines what we could be doing better and where. We are already making changes as a result.

Safety is critical to me. We implemented a new discipline policy in March that is rooted in influencing behaviours that do not live up to our safety standards, and provides a framework for assessment, correction and the application of appropriate discipline measures. It aims to stamp out arbitrary decisions and replace them with consistency and accountability.

I commend the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference leadership for their hard work in coming to a one-year renewal agreement with CP and look forward to working with them over the next year to build the framework for a longer-term agreement based on trust and the best interests of our employees and all stakeholders. 

In my first days on the job I sat down with the leadership for a frank discussion about the issues, the challenges and the opportunities that lie ahead. It is refreshing to see the response, the willingness to engage, and the positive momentum that we are starting to create.

I invite you to explore this website for more information about CP’s efforts in the important areas of work, rest and time-off and look forward to working collectively to make changes that further improve the quality of life of our valued T&E employees.

Keith Creel
President and Chief Executive Officer

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