People are the foundation to building CP’s future. Without their dedication to safety, commitment to service and relentless pursuit of excellence, CP would not have been able to transform from an industry laggard into one of North America’s rail transportation leaders in just a few short years.

Ensuring that our employees have opportunities to come to work rested and look for ways to improve quality of life makes our railway more productive and safer. This is a commitment CP makes to employees and their families, customers and the over 1100 communities in which we operate.

That’s why CP is a strong advocate for a scheduling system where all locomotive conductors and engineers would have scheduled time off, predictable work patterns and as a result, a more consistent work/life balance.

I invite you to explore this website for more information about CP’s efforts to find new and many ways to get time off, see our past history in negotiating change and the current rest and time off available to conductors and engineers at CP. Together we can improve in this important area.

Keith Creel
President and Chief Operating Officer

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