Negotiations with TCRC

People are a core foundation to CP’s success. We are committed to safe operations and work, rest and time off, is a crucial part of that.

Keith Creel, CP’s President and CEO, reached out to the TCRC-T&E leadership in his first days on the job, and has since sat down for an open and frank discussion about the issues, the challenges and the opportunities that lie ahead. 

Out of these productive meetings has come a one-year renewal of the existing agreement, subject to member ratification.

On November 1, 2017, CP was disappointed to learn the results of the ratification vote, which saw a majority of those who voted choosing not to approve the proposed one-year renewal of the existing collective agreement.  

CP will continue to meet with the union leadership to discuss the results of the vote and next steps leading to the renewal of the collective agreement. The current agreement expires December 31, 2017.

CP continues to work productively with all of our union partners to achieve long-term, innovative and sustainable agreements that balance the needs of CP’s business with the needs of our employees.

Timeline of Negotiations