Negotiations with TCRC

People are a core foundation to CP’s success. We are committed to safe operations and work, rest and time off, is a crucial part of that. The TCRC went on strike in 2012 and 2015 — important issues such as work and time off must continue to be discussed going into our next round of negotiations with the TCRC.

CP still believes there is a better system. A model whereby a conductor or engineer works a set amount of days and then has time off for a mandatory period achieves this.

We fully expect the issue will be the focus in the next round of negotiations.

CP has successfully negotiated 6 long-term collective agreements with its other 6 Canadian Unions which include increased benefits, annual wage increases and restoration of the employee share purchase plan. We look forward to bringing the TCRC on board with CP’s other Canadian Unions.

The company has invited the TCRC to engage in a discussion on the rail issue facing our work force: having a healthy work life balance in an industry that operates on a 24/7 basis. We remain hopeful that the TCRC will engage with the company on this very important issue.

What we have offered

CP is a strong advocate for a scheduling system where all unassigned locomotive conductors and engineers would have mandatory time off and predictable work patterns. This would enhance predictability for all employees in freight rail service.

The current system under which TCRC-T&E employees operate is antiquated in that it was set up at the dawn of the railway where employees spent 8 hours each day going at 12.5 miles per hour. This system does not meet the needs of today’s employees.

Correspondence with the Union

CP has made honest attempts to have constructive discussions with the TCRC-T&E union leadership on numerous occasions.

At any time we are more than happy to convene meetings with Transport Canada and the TCRC to discuss scheduling and fatigue management.

Past correspondence/2015 strike

2016 correspondence

Timeline of Negotiations