Work, Rest and Time Off: TCRC and T&E Personnel


  from CP Magazine Volume 12, 2016

At CP, our greatest asset is our people. Balancing work and rest is an important aspect of this. CP continues to study this issue by mapping out individuals’ work and rest patterns to the minute, often finding that employees have turned down opportunities to maximize their rest.

Throughout the next few months you will see more information on CP Station and in Canadian Pacific Magazine regarding CP’s commitment to fully understand this issue and possible solutions that will promote a better balance between work, rest and time off.

In the meantime, here are some interesting facts about train and engine (T&E) service in Canada:


No T&E employee is ever on call 24×7.


More than 74 percent of all shifts in unassigned road service (unassigned road service makes up about 70 percent of all shifts) are between five to ten hours, with the most typical being six to seven hours.


Employees in unassigned road service can book a full 24 hours rest each time they arrive back at their home terminal.


There are more than a dozen ways an employee can take time off, including calling in unfit, for which they cannot be disciplined.