We continue to stand ready to meet our union counterparts on the important issue of time off

We are modeling best practices after other organizations

We are asking the union, federal government and other major Canadian rails to join with us to lower the maximum hours of duty in a day

We are working on ideas for a schedule that creates more predictable and consistent time off

We are working with Transport Canada on other legislative changes

Recent Developments

CP is seeking changes by Transport Canada that would reduce by a third the maximum permissible hours that its Canadian-based running trades employees can spend at the controls of a train. This effort further highlights CP’s leadership role in addressing issues of work, rest and time off.

CP applied the principles of fatigue science during the formulation of the proposed rules, which would see Canadian-based employees move away from the currently outdated rule that allows locomotive engineers and conductors to operate a train for up to 18 hours at their discretion. The new rules would allow unassigned train and engine employees to operate for a maximum of 12 hours before getting rest.